New York City

It’s been a whirlwind adventure for sure.

I attended a PRSSA Leadership Rally in Phoenix the weekend before my internship. Before about two weeks ago, I had never been on a plane, train, public bus or taxi.

The Rally was incredibly insightful. I met plenty of awesome people and learned so much about PRSSA, PRSA and what it means to be in Public Relations.

After surviving the desert and getting two days to recover from jet lag across three time zones in four days, I was greeted by Porter Novelli (the agency I’m interning for this summer) really well. Many of them knew about my book which was weird and surreal. I mean, c’mon, people in New York know about my book.

That said, being an author doesn’t change my everyday life. At least not so far. I’m not sure how well it’s selling. I’ll find out soon though. I know God placed it in the hands of a publisher for a reason. I trust that it will be placed in the hands of the right readers when the time comes.

I’m hoping to connect with some indie bookstores and maybe even a library here to pitch my book to get on their shelves. I’ll have to do some research though.

Any who, enjoy some of photos of Phoenix and New York!




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