Writing Contest Series Part 2

Hello Bookworms and Authors-to-Be!

Our next writing contest highlight is very interesting because it’s unconventional. It’s very technologically savvy for using social media as a way to connect writers to industry professionals.

What could this contest be?



#PitMad is a Twitter pitch party! Remember Pitch Wars? Yeah, this competition is organized by the same woman! Isn’t that awesome?

On designated days of the year, writers from everywhere on Earth are encouraged to boil down their novels to just 140 characters as a tease for industry professionals who are looking for new talent.

When you pitch your novel, include hashtags that identify the genre, such as #SF is Science Fiction and #CF is children’ fiction, etc etc. The whole list of possible hashtags to include are here. Of course, don’t forget to include the most important #PitMad with your tweet!

So, when an industry professional, such as a publishing house editor or a literary agent, ‘hearts’ your tweet, you are encouraged to submit a cover letter to them as per their guidelines. When you do, make sure that the subject line contains ‘#PitMad Request-Title of Your Work’.

If you’re interested in this competition, the next #PitMad pitch party will be December 1, 2016. So, polish up your manuscript and get working on your pitches! All the rules can be found on the website.

Have you ever entered into #PitMad or something similar? If so, let me know in the comments below!


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